Pay Day Loan

A Pay Day Loan is a great budgeting tool and gives you back the power to manage your bills. To help cover daily expenses and pay your bills on time, apply for a Pay Day Loan today. Our online application is quick to fill out, and our criteria make it easy to be approved. To qualify you must: 

  • Be 18 years of age 
  • Be a US Citizen
  • Be currently employed or receive regular income
  • Make at least $1,000 per month
  • Have a valid checking or savings account with direct deposit. 

A Pay Day Loan lets you tackle your finances head on so you can live your life with peace of mind knowing you are caught up on your expenses. A Pay Day Loan also lets you pay your bills on time so you aren’t stuck paying late fees to your lenders, overdraft fees to your bank, or high-interest rates on your credit cards. A Pay Day Loan is a great strategy to reduce your debt. So you don’t over extend yourself using a credit card just to pay off another credit card, a Pay Day Loan serves as a short-term budgeting crutch to aid through a financial crisis.

A Pay Day Loan is the absolute quickest method to get the cash you need during the time you need it most. Bank loans typically perform credit checks which can slow down the approval process, and money stores can force you to wait in lengthy lines. When time is not on your side, apply for a Pay Day Loan online using our secure system. 

Repayment for a Pay Day Loan is simple. Upon your next pay period, we simply deduct the amount borrowed plus the pre-determined lending fee from your check. If you need an extension, contact one of our customer service agents to make arrangements.